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Лыжи - 2017 - Revision Blink


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Revision Blink
Revision Blink

  • Flex: Tip/Tail = 6, Waist = 7
  • Tip/Tail rocker with camber underfoot
  • Screenprinted TPU Topsheets
  • Poplar/Bamboo Core
  • 1.6mm, Sintered, Die-Cut Bases
  • 2.2mm, Full Edge Wrap
  • Cap Construction in the Tip/Tail for added durability, sandwich construction underfoot for improved performance.
  • Full length Carbon Stringers
  • Additional Carbon Reinforcements in Tip/Tail for additional Pop and Durability.
  • Switch Up Bases – Bases randomly available in black (with white text) or white (with black text).

For the 2016 season we are proud to pull the wraps off the Blink, our new “park ski for powder days.” Though it’s new to the lineup we’ve been testing and tweaking it for years, and we’re stoked to get a pair under your feet.

The first thing that most people say when they see this ski is that it looks like a really big park ski. With a symmetrical rocker profile (36cm of rocker in the tip and tail and 4mm of camber underfoot), the Blink is intended to give you the balance and switch-ability you expect out of park skis but on variable terrain and in deeper snow.

The rockered tip and tail are kept soft to allow the tips to float, butter and press as much as your heart desires. Then, rely on the camber underfoot to rail turns through chop and groomers with as much confidence as you would on a narrower ski. The ski is considerably stiffer underfoot than in the tip and tail, which gives you stability in larger landings and firm conditions while not compromising its soft snow performance.

In the 185cm length the ski measures 135-107-132, landing squarely in the space between dedicated powder skis and wider park skis. The balanced sidecut complements the rocker profile, ensuring that you can jump and land switch just the same as forward, and choose a more aggressive mounting position.

This ski is ideal for someone who is looking for a ski where they won’t miss out on the fun of a dedicated powder ski in deep snow, and won’t stop having fun when the freshies are gone. It is also great for the lighter rider who may not need a fat ski in the 120mm underfoot range, but wants a ski that is light and nimble with great soft snow performance.

Long story short, we designed the Blink as a versatile choice that is easy to toss around in all conditions. The “park ski for a pow day” mentality also makes it a great ski for the weekend warrior who wants to make skiing just a little easier and more playful. Take a line through the trees, hit a backcountry jump, hit the bumps on the side of the lift line on your way to the park lineup… just point ‘em and go.

Topsheet Artwork by Stefan Erickson.


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