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Лыжи - 2016 - Coda Half-V


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Coda Half-V
Coda Half-V

Sandwich with Cap/Sidewall hybrid.  Cores are shaped with a 45 degree chamfer and then 2mm thick strips of UHMW are attached along the sides.  This gives the sides of CODA skis and boards a unique shape that minimizes the wear and tear of side impacts while giving the strength of traditional sidewall sandwich construction.

Metal dampening is standard in the nose of every CODA board.  A section of perforated aluminum alloy placed between the wood core and the top layer of fiber glass enhances the dampening of the board while retaining the pop and responsiveness innate to all glass boards.

While the Il Lupo is an outstanding all mountain ski, we at CODA love to carve, and therefore set out to make a set of skis that can dig trenches like our monoboards.  We started with the V-0 and the V0-xl and literally cut them in half.  We then swapped left and right sides to place the original sidecut on the inside edge.  A slightly less extreme sidecut on the outside edge accomodated the uphill ski.  The resulting skis performed brilliantly.  They are most definitely asymmetrical so that the skis will track parallel through a tight carve.  We found that the narrower tail shape gave a great pintail type ride in powder and when carving we were not catching the tails of the uphill skis.  We could actually drag tailbones on the snow while carving turns similar to our signature monoboards.


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