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Лыжи - 2016 - 7mile Tomorrow


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7mile Tomorrow
7mile Tomorrow

  • Tip Rockered
  •  High Tail Rise
  •  All Terrain Camber and Curves
  • Wood Core
    • Ash reinforced backbone for damping and stiffness when you need it
    • Bamboo core gives the ski high shape memory, tensile strength, pop, and energy return
    • Poplar fill rounds out a snappy, light weight, high rebound core
  • Steel Edge
    • The thickest edge available at 2.5 mm made of the most impact resistant high-carbon spring steel. These edges are as tough as a samurai sword!
  • Base Material
    • Built with 1.8 mm thick graphite-infused all-black single running surface, our DuraJet 4001 base skis fast and plays hard!  Made of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE), these babies are more abrasion-resistant than concrete, and combined with the high wax retention of UHMW, you’ll be shredding hard and visiting the tune shop less often.
  • Sidewall Material
    • 8 mm thick UHMW-PE sidewalls are tougher, more damage resistant, and easier to repair than ABS while damping vibrations and increasing stability. 
    • More durable and easier to repair than cap-construction or blended sidewall.
  • Triaxial Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Fabrics
    • Sandwiches the wood core for torsional rigidity and increased stability in all conditions.
  • Topsheet Material
    • Sublimated with environmentally friendly dyes on beautiful, high-gloss and tough-as-nails bio-based PA11 nylon.
  • Epoxy
    • Sustainably sourced epoxy made from nonfood grade vegetable oils, pine sap, and other waste products from the timber industry.
    • Better mechanical properties than popular petroleum based epoxies
    • Faster breakdown time in landfill
    • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free and safe for us and for you!
  • VDS Rubber Foil
    • Strategically sandwiched in the ski, rubber foil dampens vibrations to improve stability while absorbing displacement from thermal expansion preventing premature de-lamination.

Our most popular ski, the Tomorrow is a veritable one-ski quiver able to charge through any conditions with lightning fast responsiveness and confidence inspiring stability.  Tomorrow offers the best of both worlds between our park and powder ski, a versatile go to freestyle/freeride ski. Taking some of the rocker from a powder ski and some of the symmetry of the park ski with a nice platform for stomping drops or spinning kickers the Tomorrow keeps tight turns while maintaining low drag/catch and lots of float in the soft.  So be sure to take this ski out Tomorrow no matter the conditions.


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