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Лыжи - 2016 - 7mile Floaties


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7mile Floaties
7mile Floaties

  • Rockered Tip
  •  Early Rise Tail
  •  Versatile POW-POW Shape and Camber
  • Wood Core
    • Ash reinforced backbone for damping and stiffness when you need it
    • Bamboo core gives the ski high shape memory, tensile strength, pop, and energy return
    • Poplar fill rounds out a snappy, light weight, high rebound core
  • Steel Edge
    • The thickest edge available at 2.5 mm made of the most impact resistant high-carbon spring steel. These edges are as tough as a samurai sword!
  • Base Material
    • Built with 1.8 mm thick graphite-infused all-black single running surface, our DuraJet 4001 base skis fast and plays hard!  Made of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE), these babies are more abrasion-resistant than concrete, and combined with the high wax retention of UHMW, you’ll be shredding hard and visiting the tune shop less often.
  • Sidewall Material
    • 8 mm thick UHMW-PE sidewalls are tougher, more damage resistant, and easier to repair than ABS while damping vibrations and increasing stability. 
    • More durable and easier to repair than cap-construction or blended sidewall.
  • Triaxial Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Fabrics
    • Sandwiches the wood core for torsional rigidity and increased stability in all conditions.
  • Topsheet Material
    • Sublimated with environmentally friendly dyes on beautiful, high-gloss and tough-as-nails bio-based PA11 nylon.
  • Epoxy
    • Sustainably sourced epoxy made from nonfood grade vegetable oils, pine sap, and other waste products from the timber industry.
    • Better mechanical properties than popular petroleum based epoxies
    • Faster breakdown time in landfill
    • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free and safe for us and for you!
  • VDS Rubber Foil
    • Strategically sandwiched in the ski, rubber foil dampens vibrations to improve stability while absorbing displacement from thermal expansion preventing premature de-lamination.

Inspired by evidence of climate change, the threat of fewer powder days, and the endangered Polar Bear that graces this beautiful topsheet, 7 Mile Skis has partnered with POW (Protect our Winters) to donate proceeds from sales of Floaties to support the POW mission to engage and mobilize the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change.

With the Floaties on your feet you will be ready for the deep days.  The Floaties are freaky light in weight, with a subtle tapered shape, easy rise functional rocker and traditional camber underfoot.  This ski stays afloat and amazingly nimble in soft snow, snappy hardwoods and carbon fiber reinforcement keep the ski stable in chunder and chop, and it is still fast and turns with ease even on hardpack.  So get your Floaties, bring your snorkel, and schralp the deep gnar!


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