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Лыжи - 2015 - Praxis SND (Slice-N-Dice)


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Praxis SND (Slice-N-Dice)
Praxis SND (Slice-N-Dice)

MAP Fiberglass Core

Introducing for 2015 the new Praxis SND (Slice-N-Dice). This ski is our answer to anyone who really appreciates each and every turn they make down the mountain. The SND carries the backbone of a race ski, but still bleeds that Praxis freerider inspired heritage you are used too. This ski is both stiff and rigid enough to hold a positive edge on virtually any snow surface. The first thing you will notice when riding the SND is how versatile they really are. With progressive sidecut traveling all the way from the shovel down to the tail, you can expect perfect edge-to-edge hold and superior contact in any snow condition.

This ski gives you the ability to initiate each turn almost effortlessly. Whether it’s a big GS turn or a snappy bump turn, the SND gives you the ability to power through into your next turn with ease. The Praxis Slice-N-Dice will also stand up to the steepest hard charging lines on the mountain. Just point the tips and go. With a stiff and stable tail this ski helps maintain that level of confidence you need to reach any speed, at any angle. It will excel in variable conditions, and is stiff enough to be able to crush crud and ice without washing out at high speeds. This ski is a true confidence booster which will make you feel like a racer the first time you ski them.


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