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Лыжи - 2015 - Down Skis Countdown 114

Down Skis

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Down Skis Countdown 114
Down Skis Countdown 114

SKI TYPE Semi Flat & Rounded ABS tail
SIDECUT 137-114-128
RADIUS 25m, radial
RECOMMENDED MOUNT -9 from center
LAYUP 2 Full Carbon layers & Light Triax Glass, providing the best combination of lightness and predictability

Major Update for 14/15: Our best seller just got 2x better!

We listened to you (as always). For 14/15 our best selling ski the CDC2 gets an updated carbon-glass layup with reduced weight and a slightly rounder tail based on your feedback. The major change is in the rocker profile which now matches the sidecut better, increasing the effective edge without compromising playfulness. A low, "Freeride Rocker" is the best complement to our hybrid carbon/glass construction, allowing for a very calm and confidence-inspiring feel, despite the low weight. The "114" has lost none of its character feel but the changes have made it even better for all-round use.

Our tapered tip and tail combination eliminates hooking and instability while slicing through anything in its path and giving the ski a playful nature. The moderate amount of shape and sidecut coupled with a medium stiff flex achieves a balance that makes this ski a true all-mountain, all-conditions performer.

Ski fast in any conditions, play around on features,float in powder, carve trenches on the piste or break out your skins and bag that peak you´ve always wanted to ski. The new "114" continues to be the one-ski-quiver you have been looking for.

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