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Лыжи - 2014 - Kingswood The Skinny


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Kingswood The Skinny
Kingswood The Skinny


cores: vertically laminated bamboo

Other manufacturers are now picking up this great material, but Kingswood pioneered the use of bamboo for ski cores. We chose this material because it’s strong! (20% stronger than maple) and it’s consistent. It has good pop and shock absorbing qualities. Plus, it regenerates quickly and that’s good for the planet.


sidewalls: 6mm abs plastic

Only the best for our sidewalls. ABS glues better than P-Tex, which means it’s stronger. (The megafat is the only ski in our range without ABS sidewalls. To save weight, the bamboo core extends to the edges instead and is treated for weather protection.)


base: 1.4mm graphite sintered P-Tex 2000

Seamless, black and burly. Sintered bases are harder and have a better wax absorption than extruded bases. They glide better and last longer.


edges: primed steel, full wrap-around edges

The edges we use are bigger and more flexible so they won’t crack or bend. (To save weight, the megafat edges are not full wrap-around.)


topsheets: screenprinted Polyamide 12

New, improved topsheets for 2007. Tougher and better, with a sharp graphic screenprinted underneath.


rubber: 25mm foil

We put rubber on the top and bottom of our cores to absorb vibration.


resin: hpr5 epoxy

Made by the same New Zealand company that supplies resin for America's Cup yachts, HPR5 is the best resin on the market. It has rubber added to dampen the ride and withstand temperature extremes.


fibreglass: tri-axial

We use multiple layers of tri-axial fibreglass for tortional stiffness and overall strength.


carbon fibre: strips

Each pair of Kingswood Skis is strengthened with the power of carbon fibre. It's light and strong and we find it essential for making skis for people who charge hard!

All Kingswood Skis are lovingly finished with a stoneground structure and hot base wax.

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