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Лыжи - 2013 - PMGear BRO 183 FAT


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PMGear BRO 183 FAT
PMGear BRO 183 FAT

The 183 Fat Bro is a lightweight but solid brute, an ice skater, a powder floating slasher and a crud ninja, all in one ski.  It’s a powerhouse in every condition.  After a year of extensive prototyping and testing, we locked into a stiff flex on the 183 Fat. Hefty and lightweight, it has a nimble dampness when quick counts and edge matters.  At 4.4 lbs per ski, we could have made it lighter but wanted to develop a responsive ski with a solid feel in a midsize length for strong skiers weighing 145-200 lbs. With a full wood core running up through the tip, chatter is reduced, as the diecut metal inserts on the base side of the ski absorb remaining vibrations. This gives the ski a solid, stable ride in which the lively characteristics of the carbon fiber can act without the typical chatter representative of all carbon fiber skis and many other other hybrid skis. It has the same sidecut and 33 meter radius as the 183 Bro but with more girth with dimensions of 136/112/126. The 183 Fat transitions from resort to sidecountry to big mountain skiing without pause. Light to skin, damp at speed, quick underfoot and a solid carver, the 183 Fat Bro is a delivery specialist for sculpting the mountain in any condition, any way you’d like.  The look of the 183 Fat is like no other ski. A clear nylon topsheet with minimal blue graphics lies above the top layer of carbon fiber weave like the carbon fiber clear coat finish on the hood of your favorite race car.   Specs: 136/112/126 Rocker/ splay: 352 mm back from tip Tip height: 75 mm Semi twin tail height: 15 mm Flex: Stiff   Construction:   aspen poplar core with full wood tongue through tip/2 layers fiberglass/4 layers carbon fiber/uhmw sidewalls/2 mm edge/diecut base/ metal antivibration tip and tail base diecuts/ transparent nylon topsheet over carbon fiber

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