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Лыжи - 2013 - ON3P Caylor


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ON3P Caylor
ON3P Caylor

  • Bamboo Core – The heart of every pair of ON3P skis is the vertically laminated bamboo core. Bamboo provides our skis with the responsive yet damp characteristics that we at ON3P have grown to love. Plus, bamboo is a quick growing, environmentally friendly grass.
  • Sidewalls and Tipspacers – UHMW is incredibly strong, has a high abrasion resistance, and doesn’t crack like ABS.
  • 3” Unidirectional Carbon Stringer – A 3” carbon stringer is laid on top of each core. The stringer adds pop and stiffness without any significant increase in weight.
  • Nylon Topsheet – Our subliminated nylon topsheets are vibrant and provide better chip resistance than PBT.
  • 1.8mm Durasurf 4001 Base Material – Our screen printed Durasurf 4001 base materials gives our skis better glide and more resistance to rock damage than 2001 base material. It is also 38% thicker than the industry standard.
  • 2.5mm Steel Edges – We use a ¾ wrap for our 2.5mm wide, Rockwell 48 steel edges. The ¾ wrap allows the tips/tails of the skis to flex, thereby decreasing the risk of delamination.
  • VDS Rubber – Strips of VDS rubber cover our edges, sidewalls, and tipspacers to provide dampening and improve bonding.
  • Non-Toxic Epoxy – Our non-toxic epoxy is extremely durable and specially formulated for skis.
  • Fiberglass – Each ski has a unique composite lay-up consisting of 22oz. triaxial fiberglass and layers of biaxial or uni-glass.
  • Fiberglass Binding Mat – Extra fiberglass mat helps increase screw retention and prevent pullouts.
  • Hot-Box Treatment – To ensure your new skis glide fast down the mountain from the moment you get them, we hot-box every pair of ON3Ps in our custom hot-box closet before we ship to you. Hot-boxing is a process which uses heat to open the pores of the base material to allow for deeper wax penetration, resulting in a faster, smoother gliding base material.

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