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Лыжи - 2013 - K2 Rolling Stones Sidestash


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K2 Rolling Stones Sidestash
K2 Rolling Stones Sidestash
K2 Rolling Stones Sidestash
K2 Rolling Stones Sidestash
K2 Rolling Stones Sidestash | profile
K2 Rolling Stones Sidestash | profile

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K2 skis and The Rolling Stones have collaborated to create limited edition Rolling Stones skis. The announcement was made today by Tom Bennett, CEO of Bravado, the leading global music merchandising company and a division of Universal Music Group (UMG), and Jeff Mechura, Vice President of Global Marketing, K2.

With both the Rolling Stones and K2 kicking off their 50th year anniversary celebrations, the time has come. K2 has collaborated with The Rolling Stones to offer the ultimate tribute skis: The K2 Rolling Stones Limited Edition Ski Collection.

K2 worked closely with the band to create four equally quintessential Stones graphics. The different graphics feature detailed discovery pieces, such as the band's original concert set list, lyrics and rare photographs from the band that will keep customers admiring the timeless graphics for years to come. The bases of the skis will share two of the most recognizable emblems of the past 50 years: the iconic Rolling Stones Lip and Tongue logo and the famous K2 logo.

"The Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary is a true milestone. They exemplify the ultimate spirit of Rock N Roll and have earned their place in history as the "World's Greatest Band" stated Mr. Bennett. "Bravado is thrilled to partner with K2, who have allowed for a very creative collaboration and designed a really fantastic set of skis."

"This is just the first of many unique and exciting products and promotions that K2 will be releasing in commemoration of our 50th anniversary," says Mechura. "Turning 50 alongside the Rolling Stones and collaborating with the band on a project to celebrate the same anniversary is a fitting way to start a very loud and fun party for K2 that will span 2012".

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