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Лыжи - 2013 - Foon Tyfoon 175


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Foon Tyfoon 175
Foon Tyfoon 175

The core is sandwiched between triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber. Kevlar is strategically placed to to provide impact resistance and vibration dampening.

Custom big mountain boards, hand shaped in Mt. Currie B.C. by big mountain pioneer Johnny Foon Chilton.

  • Every ski is personally made with the discerning hand and eye of Johnny
  • After 15 years as a pro rider designing skis for big factories, and constantly being told “that ski can’t be mass produced cheaply enough for our market”. It became clear that the only way to create the ski Johnny was looking for, was to scale down and build it himself.
  • The wood core of every ski (foam is for shaving) comes from the forests of B.C.’s coast mountains. The forests of these same mountains host some of the best wood for making skis. Bringing the two together in a ski caressed into life from the hand of a passionate local creates a deep soulful ride that cannot be achieved by any other ski.
  • From the vertical pounding high speed quads of Whistler, to the deep, stable, nectar pow of the backcountry, the Coast Mountains of British Columbia offer some of the best skiing in the world. There is no good reason the skis used to ride these mountains not be from these mountains.
  • Surfing figured it out ages ago and supports an industry of independent shapers all over the globe.

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