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Ellison Evo
Ellison Evo

CNC'd Vertically Laminated Wood core:  We Engineer all of our cores from different blends of wood. Our  wood core blocks are then cut on a CNC machine to our exacting specifications.​
UHMW Base and Sidewalls:  We use only Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastics on all our skis.  This not only gives amazing strength and durability, but also gives us a uniform bonding material that is made in the U.S.A.
Full Rocker Freedom Tip: ​This is our most aggressive rocker profile.  The tips and tails on these designs have 3" of ground clearance when sitting flat on the snow.  Full Rocker floats like a boat in the deepest of snow.
LowFat Rocker Tail: ​​​​This is a lower rise, less aggressive rocker that gives the ski float and playfulness. This also allows us to use longer side cuts that stretch farther into the skis tips and tails creating greater carving stability.
CamberCut: ​We use different amounts of camber and side cut that are matched to our rocker skis.  This allows us to get amazing float and playfulness without a sacrifice in carving ability.  Float powder, carve hard pack, charge crud; the best of all worlds.​
FlyLite Tip and Tail: ​This is a method of eliminating excess weight from the tip and tail of our skis, this makes our swing weight really light.
Anti-torsion Tip and Tail:​ We designed our cores to meet with other tip and tail materials in a geometry that makes them twist less and flex uniformly with the rest of the ski.
Anti-Vibration Edges: All of our skis are laid up with rubber dampening foil.  This absorbs excess vibrations and gives the ski a calm and predictable high speed ride.
Proprietary Rockwell Hardened Edges: ​Different hardness of steel specific to the skis intended use.
Pro Tuned Base and edges: ​We tune all skis to there intended use.  Different base structures, and beveling angles makes each model perform to it's specific design.

The Evo is the all mountain skiers dream.  Wide enough to float, not so wide as to be cumbersome in the back country.  It has A full Rocker Freedom tip, giving it a skirfy non-directional feel in powder.  It's LowFat Rocker tail aids the EVO in being playful yet powerful. The Camber and side cut underfoot allow this ski to cling to the steepest faces and carve hard like a cambered ski without a sacrifice in playability.  Charge the trees, rail a groomer, boost that roller, skirf that powder, crank through the crud.  This is the One Ski Quiver...

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