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Лыжи - 2013 - CoreUPT The KR


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CoreUPT The KR
CoreUPT The KR


  • Proportionality: CoreUPT.com has decided to maintain the original proportions of each of its pro-model skis, and so slightly alters the dimensions of each ski depending on its length. Whatever size you may be, you always ride the exact skis our riders have designed!
  • Twin: A perfectly symmetrical shape for a 100% freestyle ride. Just as good riding regular or fakie.
  • Flat tail: CoreUPT.com

Wood Core

  • To give you unrivalled strength and durability, CoreUPT.com skis are made from silver birch wood (10mm laminated timber).
  • Symmetrical sandwich construction: The combination of a wood core and ABS bi-density sidewalls, brings you lively and powerful skis.
  • Bi-density reinforced sidewalls: Bi-density reinforced ABS sidewalls absorb impacts for an aggressive ride.


  • Tri-axial fibre: For optimum grip and a better longditudinal flex. You’ll be just as comfortable freeriding as in the park!
  • Anti-pop-out under-foot plate: CoreUPT.com wants to help you protect your equipment. This system considerably reduces the risk of your bindings popping out.
  • Top sheet: For the ultimate in style and to keep the graphics of your skis in perfect condition, CoreUPT.com has chosen a back printed top sheet.

The Finishing Touches

  • Edges: 90 degree angle, perfect for cutting up the mountain.
  • Stone finished: Stone finished cross structure for a super fast base no matter what the conditions.
  • Ski piercing: Here at CoreUPT.com our skis are pierced with a 3.5mm wide drill bit, to a depth of 8mm. A drop of glue is added to guarantee water tightness.
  • Wax: CoreUPT.com has chosen VOLA© to wax your skis.

The KR: The Kevin Rolland signature series is the specific ski KR uses when he pulls double cork 1260’s in the superpipe. Oh, what, you can’t pull off the double cork 12? KR is also a powerful, precise ski for bombing around the mountain.

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