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Лыжи - 2011 - Ninthward Corey Vanular Pro CVP


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Ninthward Corey Vanular Pro CVP
Ninthward Corey Vanular Pro CVP

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All Ninthwards are manufactured with the highest quality ISO materials in the world in the best European manufacturing. Every Ninthward ski has a 25 point visual inspection during production and one final inspection before "A" quality is specified. Unlike other independent brands, each Ninthward ski is flex tested to match its partner, assuring the most consistent pair of skis on the market.
Ninthward engineering specs:

  • Fully wrapped 45 HRC steel edges.
  • Custom routed polished sidewall with a 45-90 degree shape to deflect energy of impact in the sidewall material.
  • Some models double the industry norm with an 8.5 mm ABS sidewall and others models with a 5.5 mm sidewall to achieve a higher impact resistance on hard rail landings and increase dampening capabilities.
  • Micro laminate Poplar or Beech/poplar Core reduces the overall weight and prevents breakage during hard landings and every day abuse.
  • One inch carbon runner from tip to tail to increase life span.
  • A proven PA 12 top sheet material is used on all models to eliminate chips, scratches, and tears.
  • Six layer rubber dampening over edges to improve edge hold and eliminate chatter.
  • Sintered or silkscreened IS 7500 base material for fast performance, superior wax absorption and solid durability.
  • Custom layered fiberglass to increase pop and overall response.
  • Beech inserts in some models aids in binding retention to prevent pull from water and wear.

The CVP will revolutionize powder skiing once again with the new Early Rise Technology from Ninthward. The gradual nose has a unique flex pattern that allows the tips to floats while maintaining consistent edge contact. A super shape of 139/119/129 with a 27.5 m turning radius with slight camber responds to quick adjustment as the incredible light weight materials under the feet creates the feeling on air. A poplar/beech core is laid up with a gorgeous PA 12 Silkscreened top sheet and velocity is maintained with the sintered IS 7500 (silkscreened) base. 45 HRC steel edges supported by 8.5 mm sidewalls prevent all impact and increases torsion rigidity for high speed turns.

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