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Лыжи - 2017 - Revision Subtraction


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Revision Subtraction | OG
Revision Subtraction | OG

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  • Flex = 7
  • Tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot
  • Screenprinted TPU Topsheets
  • Poplar/Bamboo Core
  • 1.6mm, Sintered, Die-Cut Bases
  • 2.2mm, Full Edge Wrap
  • Cap Construction in the Tip/Tail for added durability, sandwich construction underfoot for improved performance.
  • Full length Carbon Stringers
  • Additional Carbon Reinforcements in Tip/Tail for additional Pop and Durability.
  • Switch Up Bases – Bases randomly available in black (with white text) or white (with black text).

This ski caters to riders who enjoy powder skiing with a ski that is light, playful, and pops in and out of the snow like a snowshoe hare. The Subtractions are built with a healthy dose of rocker at the tips and camber underfoot.

We built in a relatively soft flex pattern at the tips that gets progressively stiffer underfoot as the ski is loaded. Then, we included a short turn radius (15M) and tapered the tips and tails for easy turn initiation.

The result is a quick-turning, easygoing set of powder skis. Load the tails and wheelie off a roller, thread the trees, ski switch, or pound through chowder like you’re skiing in four wheel drive. Or, simply enjoy the versatility that a modern set of powder skis can bring to your next deep day.

With a low swing weight and surfy design features, it just takes a flick of your ankles and the Subtractions will take you there. This is a twin tip that likes to pop, pivot and play on everything. They make a great choice for all levels of riders, from backcountry huckers, guides and patrollers, weekend warriors, powder hounds, and everyone in between.

The versatility and user friendliness of the Subtractions are a big reason why Fernie Wilderness Adventures outfits its guides and guests with these skis. Get on a pair of Subtraction twin tip powder skis and start to see your home mountain in a whole new light.

Subtraction OG Artwork by Devon Brown.
Subtraction MD Artwork by Rachel Bock.


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