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Лыжи - 2013 - Klint Noise 162


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Klint Noise 162
Klint Noise 162

  • Slanted sidewalls
  • Potent Full Birch wood core
  • Sandwich construction
  • Multiple radius
  • Reflection Applied Concept (RAC)
  • Rocker construction
  • U.H.M.W. (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Sintered base, numerically controlled grind stone

This is not your Dad's alpine's ski. Our new NOISE represents a new generation of fun Alpine skis.
The NOISE is at home on every type of snow or any type of slope. Its rocker all the way to the tip and tail and 2mm of underfoot camber allows for float and big turns in powder as well as solid edge control on hardpack. The NOISE features a raised tail, giving it great control on slides and transfers. It is an effortless and playful ski, that provides a precise, dynamic and lively feeling in a multitude of conditions.
The NOISE is 100% accessible and 100% fun.
The NOISE features our proprietary Reflection Applied Concept (RAC). RAC was born out of an analysis; most ski brands design each size of a same ski while focusing on the radius only, creating the major issue of completely changing the ski handling depending on its size.

Klint Noise в ростовках 168, 162 и 155

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